Day: March 6, 2018

Why do you need Retirement Corpus

Retirement is a new way of life in many ways. Apart from adjusting your work life, you also need to adjust your financial life to the new reality and that’s why Retirement Planning is critical. Here’s what you need to do to build your retirement corpus, if your current monthly expenses are Rs.75000/-, and you expect to retire in the next 30 years.

Why do I need Retirement Corpus or Retirement Planning
How to calculate Retirement Corpus

If you consider the rate of inflation at 8.0% p.a., you will need to build a retirement kitty of Rs. 15,30,06,036/- to live comfortably.

You will need to invest a lump sum of Rs. 87,68,554 or invest Rs. 67,687 each month, at an annual return of 10.0%, in order to enjoy your golden years.

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