5 EV Stocks to Watch + 1 Bonus Stock World EV Day Special

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Do you all know that the 9th of September is observed as World Electric Vehicle EV Day? On this occasion, we will be discussing the 5 EV-related stocks in this article. So Let’s begin.


Globally Every year, the 9th of September is celebrated as World EV Day. This day celebrates the e-mobility mode. It was an initiative created by the sustainability media company Green TV.

5 Stocks to Watch:

i) Tata Motors:

  • Recently news and reports are circulating in News and other sources, wherein it has been read out that the Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme incentives to Automobile Industry Players will be extended to only Electric Vehicles Producers and may not be available to the other players.
  • For sure, the EVs figure is small as compared to the market of IC Engine vehicles, but the company is enjoying and may possess an early mover advantage.

ii) Tata Power:

  • Recently Management has discussed how the company is aggressively increasing its focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs) Charging Stations.
  • There can also be a good combination between Tata Motors and Tata Power in the EV Surrounding.

iii) Tata Chemicals:

  • Another Company from Tata Group, Tata Chemical is planning to produce a Lithium-Ion Battery
  • which will be a crucial part of Electric Vehicles.
  • The Company has not provided any clear indication and direction in its recent quarterly (Q1FY22) results,
  • But if the Vision of the Tata Group remains intact developing the EVs ecosystem within its Group Companies
  • Then this Company will surely play an important role in the future.

iv) Tata Elxsi:

  • Tata Elxsi is in the Technology Service Providing industry to other segments like Automotive, Broadcast, Communication, and others.
  • The possibility of usage of Smart Services in the Vehicles in future and the niche
  • This company has developed in its segment will surely benefit this company.

v) KPIT Technologies:

  • KPIT Technologies is another software solution company just like Tata Elxsi
  • In terms of products and services, this company too is giving a strong competition to Tata Elxsi.

1 Bonus Stock:

Indian Energy Exchange (IEX):
  • Ultimately, Electric Vehicles are dependent on Energy wherein IEX will play a big role in meeting
  • The supply of energy across the states in the country.
  • The Company is having an EBITDA Margin of around 80% and very well enjoys the operating leverage.
  • As rapidly the volume of the company will increase, the company will not need any further investments.
  • The only risk associated with this company is the Regulatory Risk.
  • Which is whether Government will introduce any new player in this sector.

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