5 Stocks to Watch Ceramic Industry Analysis

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In this blog, we will be discussed regarding the prospect of the Indian Ceramic Industry and the players involved in this sector.


Ceramic Industry Stocks have shown some robust performance in its prices in the last 1-2 years. The rise in stock prices of the companies engaged in this industry has heavily rewarded the shareholders. So, what are the factors which are developing in this industry, let’s discuss as we move ahead.

Major Companies in Ceramic Industry Analysis:

i) Kajaria Ceramics

ii) Cera Sanitaryware

iii) Somany Ceramics

iv) Pokarna

v) Orient Bell

India Ceramic Industry:

  • Indian Ceramic Industry is Emerging as a Global Leader in the world.
  • Currently, the Indian Ceramic Industry Stands at the 2nd Position in Global Exports.
  • The first position is held by China on account of the Strong Domestic Market and Aggressiveness in Exports.
  • After China, India reserves the second position by surpassing Spain. Now, India exports to more than 170+ countries.
  • Indian Ceramic Industry Exports around 445 Million Square Meters of Ceramic Tiles.

Key Growth Drivers:

  • Implementation of Best in Class Technology by the Ceramic Industry Companies in the country.
  • Innovation in Manufacturing Products suitable for International Markets.


  • Government’s “Housing For All” Goal by 2022
  • Affordable Housing Segment
  • Rebound in Real Estate Market in India, driven by Indian IT Industry 
  • Bulk Buying in Real Estate driven by Housing Demand by Software Engineers (Rise in Entry Level Income)


The opportunities stated above wherein the “Housing for All” scheme plays a crucial role in the growth prospect of the ceramic industry. The rising export share of the India Ceramic Industry in the Global Market is just icing on the cake. This industry possesses a good earnings visibility and growth in earnings as well. Hence, the stock discussed under this sector should be on the Investor’s radar. Follow due diligence before making any investment decisions.s

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