Auto Ancillary Sector Analysis

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This analysis is done with the only purpose of screening out good companies. No suggestions are being made to directly go and invest in the top scoring companies of this analysis.

Let’s study some auto ancillary companies, we have selected the following companies for study and analysis: –

  1. Bosch
  2. Motherson Sumi
  3. Exide Industries
  4. Endurance
  5. Wabco India
  6. Amara Raja Battery
  7. Varocc Engg.
  8. Minda Industries
Sr. No.Company NameMarket Cap (Rs. Crore)
2Motherson Sumi53,290
3Exide Industries22,389
5Wabco India12,884
6Amara Raja Battery12,662
7Varocc Engg.9,014
8Minda Industries8,469

The top 100 companies according to the market capitalization are called as the large cap companies. Companies from 101 to 250 (based on market capitalization) are the mid-cap companies and the rest, that is above 250 are the small cap companies.

Bosch and Motherson Sumi are the large cap companies. Exide Industries is a mid-cap company. And the rest of the companies, Endurance, Wabco India, Amara Raja Battery, Varocc Engg., Minda Industries, are all small cap companies.

The analysis of these companies is going to be based on 6 parameters. They are as follows: –

  1. Price-to-Earnings (PE) Ratio
  2. Return On Capital Employed (ROCE)
  3. Return On Equity (ROE)
  4. Debt-to-Equity (DE) Ratio
  5. 5 Years Sales Growth
  6. 5 Years Net Profit Growth

These parameters play an important role in the analysis of any company. This does not mean that one should be dependent only on these, but these parameters are crucial for initial screening.

First, we have given the companies their ranks and then accordingly we have assigned scores to those companies from 1 to 8, where 1 being the least and 8 being highest score. (total number of companies taken here are 8, that’s why the mentioned scoring card)

PE Ratio

Sr. No.Company NamePE RatioRankScore
2Motherson Sumi31.0254
3Exide Industries30.0845
5Wabco India41.4381
6Amara Raja Battery26.5936
7Varocc Engg.19.6918
8Minda Industries26.4627

PE ratio is nothing but what price an investor is paying for 1 rupee of earning.

The company which has the highest PE ratio has been given number 8 rank and the company which has the lowest PE ratio has been given number 1 rank.

But the company which has the highest PE ratio has been given the lowest score.

Wabco has the highest PE ratio and thus got number 8 rank and scored 1. Varocc Engineering has the lowest PE ratio and thus scored number 1 rank and a score of 8.


Sr. No.Company NameROCERankScore
2Motherson Sumi19.8672
3Exide Industries20.0863
5Wabco India25.6918
6Amara Raja Battery24.9227
7Varocc Engg.15.5281
8Minda Industries24.4836

The company which has the highest ROCE has the highest rank and has also been given the highest points. And the company which has the lowest ROCE has the lowest rank and has also been given the lowest score.

Here too, Wabco has the number 1 rank and scored 8 points. Varocc Engineering, here too, has the lowest rank and scored 1 point.


Sr. No.Company NameROERankScore
2Motherson Sumi18.9636
3Exide Industries13.4681
5Wabco India18.2945
6Amara Raja Battery16.7363
7Varocc Engg.17.9654
8Minda Industries26.0318

ROE has been analyzed on the same basis as ROCE.

The company which has the highest ROE has the highest rank and has also been given the highest points. And the company which has the lowest ROE has the lowest rank and has also been given the lowest score.

Minda Industries ranked 1st as it had the highest ROE and thus scored 8. Exide Industries ranked 8th as it had the lowest ROE and thus scored 1.

DE Ratio

Sr. No.Company NameDE RatioRankScore
2Motherson Sumi1.0581
3Exide Industries018
5Wabco India018
6Amara Raja Battery0.0245
7Varocc Engg.0.4263
8Minda Industries0.4472

The company which has the highest DE ratio has the least score and the company with lowest DE ratio has the highest score.

Bosch, Exide Industries and Wabco being 0-debt companies have scored 8. Motherson Sumi has the highest DE ratio and has thus scored 1.

5 Years Growth – Sales & Profit

Sr. No.Company Name5 Years Sales GrowthRankScore
2Motherson Sumi17.3536
3Exide Industries8.8463
5Wabco India21.6227
6Amara Raja Battery15.4145
7Varocc Engg.081
8Minda Industries27.2418
Sr. No.Company Name5 Years Net Profit GrowthRankScore
2Motherson Sumi31.3127
3Exide Industries5.9172
5Wabco India14.5145
6Amara Raja Battery10.0454
7Varocc Engg.081
8Minda Industries61.8718

The company with the highest 5 Year CAGR in Sales and Net Profit get the highest rank and thus gets the highest score. And Vice-Versa.

Minda Industries has the scored 8 in both, as they have the highest 5 years sales & net profit growth. And Varocc Engineering has the scored 1 in both, as they have the lowest 5 years sales & net profit growth.

Final Standings

RankCompany NameFinal Score
1Minda Industries39
2Wabco India34
3Amara Raja Battery30
5Motherson Sumi26
6Exide Industries22
8Varocc Engg.18

Minda Industries is on the 1st position with 39 points, Wavco India on 2nd with 34 points, Amara Raja Battery on 3rd with 30 points and Varocc Engineering is on the last position, that is 8th with 18 points.

Companies in the 1st four positions are all small cap companies. Also, as Bosch has secured a lower rank does not mean that it is a bad company even after being a large cap and a blue-chip company. Its just that according to the parameters selected here, Bosch has scored less.

The point here is to focus on the fundamentals of the company. Here, we have analyzed the company based on their current fundamentals. Also, the qualitative analysis of these companies will provide with a better outlook towards them

And quantitative analysis along with qualitative analysis will give a better understanding of which company is worth investing from here on.


  • We are not, in any case, suggesting buying stocks of any of the companies mentioned above. We have just provided a study on these companies.
  • All the data used is of Trailing Twelve Month (TTM)

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