CAMS reported revenue of Rs.237.71 crores, up 27.8% YoY driven by mutual fund business | Q3 FY22 Earning Call Highlights

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Financial Highlights

  • The company reported a revenue of Rs.237.71 crores, up 27.8% YoY and 4.4% QoQ. It was mainly driven by mutual fund business.
  • Asset-Based Revenue – up 26.5% YoY, 3.4% QoQ
  • Non-Asset Based Revenue – up 32.2% YoY, 12.2% QoQ
  • Non-MF Revenue – up 32.3% YoY, 1.3% QoQ
  • 90.7% of revenue comes from mutual funds and 9.3% revenue from non-mutual funds.
  • Profit After Tax has increased by 37.0% from Rs.56.4 crore in Q3 FY21 to Rs.77.3 Cr in Q3 FY22
  • Profit Before Tax has grown by 35.3% from Rs.75.5 Cr to Rs.102.2 Cr in last one year
  • Operating margin has increased from 41.0% in Q3 FY21 to 45.2% in Q3 FY22 while EBIDTA has increased substantially by 41% to 107.48 crore

Business Highlights

  • Historic high in transactions – 1106 lakh transactions as compared to 1025 lakh in Q2 FY21
  • Surge in new SIP registrations is witnessing new high with 43 lakh new registrations in Dec quarter
  • MF Central – a unified investor portal, which went live in Sep-21 has over 1.25 lakh registrations in the first quarter since its launch
  • CAMS commenced operations in Gift City in Q3 FY22 and 2 new clients have been signed up
  • In AIF and PMS space, momentum was seen with 11 new signups

Ongoing Developments

  • CAMS CRA platform development is progressing well for launch in Q4 FY22  (soft launch in Feb-22)

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