Personal Risks classification

Major Types of Personal Financial Risks

Every investment has some risk associated with it. In the personal risk management, we must know how to identify what type of risk we are facing. In this article, we are going to see the major types of personal financial risks.

Personal Risk Management

4 Ways To Manage Personal Financial Risk

Risk is the possibility of loss. Sometimes the loss is minor, while the other times it may cause major personal and financial hardship. In this article, we will discuss what are the 4 ways to manage personal risk?

Risk Capacity + Risk Appetite + Risk Tolerance = Overall Risk Profile

Understanding risk appetite, risk capacity and risk tolerance is very important before making any investments or any investment decisions.

Factors Affecting Personal Risk Profile

Risk taking capacity, appetite and tolerance changes depending upon various information and factors. This can be understood with the help of following points:-

Financial Life Cycle based on Personal Risk Profile

How your Risk Profile changes in your complete life cycle and how it impacts your Financial Profile.