Value Funds vs Multicap Funds

Value Funds Vs Multicap Funds

In this article, we are going to do a comparative analysis of Value Funds Vs Multicap Funds, based on the parameters such as market capitalization, sector allocation, returns (calender returns, trailing returns, rolling returns) and risk ratios etc.

Mutual Fund Returns

Types of Mutual Fund Returns – Trailing, Calendar, Rolling & SIP

In this article we have discussed the types of mutual fund returns in detail and how these returns are used in the analysis of mutual fund performance.


What Is Dividend for Mutual Fund?

The mutual fund houses profit includes both dividends received from companies and profit which they earn from improving markets. In this article, we will discuss what is dividend for Mutual Fund.

Top 10 fund houses

What Is Asset Under Management (AUM) of Mutual Fund?

Asset Under Management (AUM) is the total market value of Assets or capital that a Mutual Fund holds on behalf of its investors. In this article we will discuss more about AUM.

Types of Expense Ratio

What Is An Expense Ratio? (Direct vs Regular)

Expense Ratio is an efficiency ratio which measures the management expenses as a of percentage total funds invested in a mutual fund.