segregated portfolios in debt funds

Side Pocketing or Segregated Portfolios in Debt Funds

Side pocketing or segregated portfolio in debt funds is fair to all deal, a win-win situation for everyone. Therefore, this a very good step taken by SEBI.

5 most common Mutual Fund Myths: Busted

Mutual Funds are collective investment schemes that pool money from a large number of investors. The main myths about investment in mutual funds are as follows:-

Why Mutual Funds and Not Direct Stocks?

Here are a few reasons to buy mutual fund instead of stocks:-

Factors to Analyze While Selecting a Mutual Fund

An investor should analyze the following important factors of a mutual fund before selecting it:-

Features of Liquid Fund

Liquid Funds are open-ended debt mutual funds that primarily invest in short-term money market instruments with maturity up to 90 days. Given below are the features that liquid funds provide:-