Difference Between ROE & ROCE

7 Points Comparison on ROE Vs ROCE

ROE and ROCE are the financial metric which acts as a valuable tools for measuring a company's operational efficiency and potential for attaining future growth in value. In this article, we will compare Return on Equity(ROE) Vs Return on Capital Employed(ROCE) in detail.

Bharti Airtel Rights Issue

What Is Rights Issue?

In this article, we are going to discuss What is Rights Issue? Why does a company go for it? What is the effect of rights issue on the comapny and its shareholders? Lets also look at the details of Bharti Airtel Rights Issue.

Wipro Share Buyback 2019

What is Share Buyback? Explained with Wipro Rs 10,500 Crore Buyback plan

Buy back of Shares refers repurchasing of shares of the company that issued them; the company does this to restrict the amount of shares in the market. Wipro has announced Rs 10,500 Cr Share Buyback on 16 April, 2019, repurchasing 32.31Cr shares at Rs 325 apiece, at 15% premium to 16 April's closing price.


When Should One Start Investing In Stocks?

When Should One Start Investing In Stocks? It is very important to understand what factors should be taken into consideration while investing in stocks.

What is free cash flow?

What Is Free Cash Flow (FCF)?

Free Cash Flow plays an important role in analysis of capital intensive or high debt companies. In this article we will to discuss what is free cash flow?