Daily News Snippets- 22 February 2022

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  1. Russia have taken a stand of recognizing the 2 rebel regions as independent regions, this will make way for Russia to attack if Ukraine takes any military action in these regions. Russia have also issued passport to people in this rebel regions.
  2. The economic sanctions by the western countries are around the corner which means the gas & crude oil prices are expected to go up. It might go up to 100 $ per barrel.
  3. The Russian markets were down by almost 17%, this could be followed by institutional selling and shifting these funds to US treasury bonds and gold till the situation subsides. The yields are expected to go up due to increased demand, similarly gold prices might increase.
  4. Nokia has said that India will have 35-40 crores of 5 G subscribers by the end of 2025-26. The data driven and new-age technology businesses will benefit in such situations.
  5. Tata Power has tied up with RWE renewable to develop offshore wind projects. This deal is in line with governments vision to generate 30 gigawatts of electricity from such projects by 2030.
  6. NSE has reported profit of INR 3447 crores in the calendar year 2021. The company’s profits have jumped approx. 101% YoY.
  7. China has asked banks and financial institutions regarding their exposure towards Ant Group Co Ltd. The company’s IPO of INR 2.78 Lakh crores [$37 billion] had been derailed by the regulators in 2020.

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