Daily News Snippets- 23 February 2022

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1) The United States of America has imposed some sanctions on Russia and its allies on its Western Financing. These sanctions also received support from European Countries. Also, Germany has halted the gas pipeline from Russia.

2) The Nuclear Agreement between the other western world powers like the United States of America, etc. which took place during Obama’s government wherein Trump’s government imposed some hard sanctions on Iran, not might be lifted and the agreement might again be on track. This is positive news for the world since Iran is a big producer of Oil, and hence if sanctions are lifted from Iran, there will be no major impact on the supply of oil amid the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

3) Gold price is shining in the first 2 months of Calendar Year 2022 due to uncertainty in the economy on account of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

4) Swiggy, an online food delivery platform and competitor of Zomato as well is eyeing for Initial Public Offer (IPO) of $800 million or around Rs. 6,000 Cr. in the early next year.

5) Due to rising crude oil prices and the shift of capital towards safer havens like Gold, Bonds, etc. there is a depreciation in the Indian currency.

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