Daily Stock Market News Snippets- 13 June 2022

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Markets – Global & India

  • The Brent Crude Oil price is currently at $122 per barrel.
  • India’s Market Cap to GDP ratio currently stands at 106%.
  • The US 10-Year G-Sec Yield is at 3.19%
  • Nifty PE ratio at 20.05 and Sensex PE ratio at 22.10.
  • Rupee at 78.14 per dollar while US Dollar index at 104.19.

Global Economy:

  • US Inflation surges to a 41-year high level at 8.6%.
  • Bank of England is set to raise rates again as inflation heads toward 10%.
  • German Central Bank lowers the GDP growth forecast for 2022 to 1.9% from 4.2%.
  • India is among 12 economies on the currency monitoring list of the US Treasury. According to a report, India with $570 billion is the 4th largest foreign exchange after China ($3.2 Trillion), Japan ($1.2 Trillion), and Switzerland ($1 Trillion)

Indian Economy:

  • Fitch lauds Indian Economic recovery, ups outlook from negative to stable.
  • India’s fuel demand jumps 24% YoY in May as recovery continues.
  • At 7.1%, India’s factory output jumps to an 8-month high in April 2022.
  • Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) pull out Rs. 14,000 Cr. from Indian Equities in June.

Company Update:

  • Fueled by demand, M&M set up the first tractor plan in a decade in Mohali.
  • At 19.7 lakhs, new SIP openings in May lowest in 12 months, shows AMFI data.
  • SBI says loan deman is bouncing back.
  • Marti’s segment focus shift could upend India’s auto market.
  • BYJU’s owned Aakash eyes 60%-70% growth in FY23, new centre, hiring on cards.

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