Daily Stock Market News Snippets-20 September 2022

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Markets – Global & India

  • The US Markets was up by 0.64% to 0.76%
  • The Brent Crude Oil price is currently at $91 per barrel.
  • India’s 10-Year G-Sec Yield is at 7.28% and US’s 10-Year G-Sec Yield is at 3.49%.
  • Rupee at 79.71 per dollar.

Global Economy:

  • Stagflation-Free Asia leaving taper tantrums behind as currencies farewell.
  • European Union seeks emergency powers to prevent a supply-chain crisis.
  • The global race to hike interest rates tilts economies towards recession.

Indian Economy:

  • India spending Forex Reserves at a quicker pace than during the taper tantrum
  • India’s Aug Crude imports fall 13% on monthly basis on the monsoon demand lull.
  • Indians optimistic on growth outlook amid high inflation: EY Study

Stock Specific News:

  • RIL quietly reinvented its investment strategy to meet new goals.
  • Ambuja, ACC capacity to double to 140 mtpa in the 5 years: Gautam Adani
  • Paytm tokenizes over 5.2 crores cards, and says on track to meet RBI’s deadline.
  • Banks dial Vedanta to fund chip plant.
  • Top exits, and eroding profitability raise hackles at Wipro.
  • Devyani International bets on affordable options to save the day
  • Nestle, others eye stake in Yoga Bar.
  • Swiggy and Zomato mulling an entry into UPI digital platform as third-party payments apps.
  • India can move out of the emerging markets pack to a standalone destination: Uday Kotak
  • Gold Loan NBFCs report a 12% uptick in credit demand from the Agri sector.

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