Daily Stock Market News Snippets- 30 May 2022

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Catch Up with the daily latest news of stock market and economy for 30th May 2022. Read Now!

Markets – Global & India

  • US Markets were up by around 1.76% to 3.33%.
  • The Brent Crude Oil price is currently at $116 per barrel,
  • The US 10-Year G-Sec Yield is at 2.74% while India’s 10-Year G-Sec Yield is at 7.35%.
  • India’s Market Cap to GDP ratio currently stands at 108%
  • Nifty50 PE Ratio is at 20.27 and Sensex PE is at 22.27.

Currency & Dollar Index:

  • Indian Rupee currently stands at Rs. 77.69 per dollar.
  • The dollar index is at 101.70 from the earlier 101.71

Economy- Global & India:

  • US surpasses China as India’s biggest trading partner in FY22 at $119.42 billion.
  • RBI’s balance sheet increased by 8.5% in FY22 to Rs 61.9 Lakh Cr.
  • High Wholesale Price Index (WPI) Inflation may put pressure on retail inflation.
  • Monetary Policy will be calibrated to rein in Inflation.
  • RBI to adopt a graded approach to introduce digital currency.

Company Update:

  • Tata Motors’ acquisition of the Ford plant gets Gujarat to greenlight.
  • Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) pull out RS. 39,000 Cr. from stocks in May so far.
  • Bank of Maharashtra tops the PSU lenders chart in loan growth in FY22 at 26%, SBI at 10.27%, and Union Bank of India at 9.66%.
  • Adani Group is in talks with SBI to raise Rs. 12,000 Cr. loan to fund Ganga Expressway.
  • Invesco India moved poor-quality bonds to retail schemes.

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