Daily Stock Market News Snippets- 4 July 2022

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Markets – Global & India

  • The US market was up by around 0.90% to 1.06%.
  • The Brent Crude Oil price is currently at $111 per barrel.
  • India’s Market Cap to GDP ratio currently stands at 103%.
  • The US 10-Year G-Sec Yield is at 2.89% while India’s 10-Year G-Sec Yield is at 7.42%.
  • The rupee is 78.95 per dollar.
  • Nifty PE Ratio is at 19.46 and Sensex PE is at 21.62.

Global Economy:

  • After the terrible first half, 2022 may bring more bad news for US Markets: Wall Street Journal.
  • Global Credit Conditions are more negative amid rising borrowing costs, and slower economic growth said Moody’s.
  • US Multinationals grapple with the soaring dollar.

Indian Economy:

  • Windfall tax to recoup most of Rs. 1 Lakh Cr. revenue lost in excise cuts.
  • GST Collection at Rs. 1.45 Lakh Cr. in June, the second-highest ever.
  • India’s manufacturing sector activity eases to a 9-month low in June 2022.
  • FPIs exodus continues for 9th month; withdraw Rs. 50,203 Cr. from the equity market in June.

Company Update:

  • HDFC and HDFC Bank merger proposal gets nod from stock exchanges.
  • Auto Sales jump in June as global semiconductor shortages ease.
  • Vedanta Group eyes $3.5 billion in turnovers from Chip biz, one-third from exports.
  • NTP C signs MoU for a 10 GW renewable energy park with Rajasthan Government.
  • Export Duty on Steel & Petroproducts to hit corporate earnings in FY23.
  • Research-linked incentive scheme in works for the Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Q1FY23 Results: Margin pressure on IT Services to remain focused on Outlook.
  • Indigo Flights were delayed as the crew take sick leave on Air India’s hiring day.
  • Maruti Suzuki guns for 22-month high vehicle output in July.

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