HDFC Ltd Stock Analysis | Why Price going up?

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HDFC Ltd Stock Analysis | HDFC Ltd Q2FY21 Results Analysis

HDFC Ltd Latest Quarterly Results Analysis | Q2FY21


Recently HDFC Ltd declared its latest quarterly results. Company’s revenue and profitability declined on a YoY basis. Let us analyse company’s Q2FY21 results in this blog.

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HDFC Ltd Q2FY21 Results Analysis

Revenue and Profitability

HDFC Ltd Revenue and Profitability Q2FY21
  • Interest Income registered a muted growth on QoQ and YoY basis, whereas Interest expenses have plummeted by a decent percentage. This is mainly due to lower interest rates on deposits and borrowings.
  • This boosted the Net Interest Income (NII) by 21% on YoY and 7.5% on QoQ basis.
  • Due to robust increase in Net Interest Income, profit before dividend, sale of investment and fair value changes & ECL has grown by 20% on YoY basis.
  • This profit is the core profitability of the company excluding the other one time factors.
  • Company recorded significantly lower other income in this quarter, however on the positive side, provisions also declined significantly.
  • Lower provisions insulated the profit before tax from declining further due to lower other income in this quarter.
  • Tax rate applicable for this quarter is 19% as against 13% and 15% in last year and last quarter respectively.
  • Increasing tax rate further dragged the profit 28% and 6% on YoY and QoQ basis.

Why HDFC Stock Price is going up?

HDFC Stock price movement
  • One of the reasons for recent stock price rally is the positive sentiment in the market which is leading to NIFTY and SENSEX making new highs everyday.
  • Also HDFC’s profile, subsidiaries valuation and robust core business performance in latest quarter have spurred its stock price rally by 44%.

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