Market Analysis FY 2018-19

Market Update FY2018-19

In the analysis of Market Update FY 2018-19 we are going to see all the activities in the global as well as domestic markets, happened in FY 2018-19.

how inflation affects returns?

Effect of Inflation on Investment

Understanding Inflation is crucial to investing since inflation reduces value of investment returns. Lets see decompounding effect of Inflation on money.

Risk vs Return & Probability

Risk vs Return Correlation

very investment has some risk associated with it. Therefore, understanding the Risk vs Returns Tradeoff is essential for every investor.

How Compounding works?

Power of Compounding – How It Works?

In this article, we are going to discuss about the eighth wonder of the world ie. Power of Compounding.Compounding is a long-term investment strategy.

Consequences of delay in investing

Cost of Delay in Investing

You should always remember that the cost of delay in investing is enormous. Even one year makes a huge difference. "Now" is the best time to begin investing for your long-term goals.