Student Travel Insurance – Part II

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Student Travel Insurance - Part II, we will discuss how to choose a student travel insurance plan and also its claim process in detail.

How to Choose Student Travel Insurance Plan & Its Claim Process


In this article – Student Travel Insurance – Part II, we will discuss how to choose a student travel insurance plan and also its claim process in detail.

We have already discussed what is student travel insurance plan, why do you need it if going abroad for studies, what is included, what is not included in the policy in our earlier article, Part I.

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Financial Planning Knowledge Bank by Invest Yadnya

Student Travel Insurance – Part II

Student Travel Insurance
Student Travel Insurance

How to Choose Insurance Plan – Selection Criteria

  1. While selecting a student travel insurance plan, you should make sure that you pick an insurance plan in coherence with a set of insurance regulations and guidelines issued by universities abroad.
  2. One should check for location factors because travel insurance cover varies from county to country.
  3. You should also look at getting insured from a company that offers you a product which is designed to suit all your needs.
  4. A good insurance plan should ideally cover medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation, personal accident, tuition fee, loss of checked baggage, bail bond insurance, family visit, etc.
  5. One has to keep the insurance company’s credibility in mind. Careful comparison is a must before choosing a plan.
  6. You can check the claim settlement ratio of the insurance provider before buying a plan. An above average percentage can be taken as a sign of smooth claim settlements.

Claim Process

  • During your stay in the foreign country, you never know when you need to file a claim. Here is the claim process for student travel insurance :
  • You should immediately get in touch with your insurance provider to inform about the loss or arising of a claim.
    • You can register it by calling on their s helpline number and provide them the claim details.
  • In case of an abrupt mishap or sudden sickness, it’s not possible to notify your insurance provider well in advance before seeking medical intervention. In such case, one should get in touch with the insurance provider as soon as possible.
    • If required by your insurance provider, you need to undergo a medical examination. One need not to worry about the costs since it will be covered by the insurance provider.

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  1. I personally feel the blog is incomplete .
    there are no mentions of any insurance providers which provides student insurances

    better to give atleast top 5 or top 3 insurance company names
    with pros and cons of each and every insurance companies in details

    what we should go for – better services / lower premiums / or more things which are covered in the policy

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