6 Common Money Mistakes During Retirement Years

A happy and stress free retirement is the ultimate sign of a successful financial and retirement planning. There are a few mistakes that people make during retirement years. These mistakes should be identified and avoided. Some of them are listed below:-

Financial Lessons to Master before 30th Birthday

Any person should learn some financial lessons before he/she reaches the age of 30. This financially will be very useful to that person and will stick with them throughout their life. Some of the important lessons that should be mastered by them are as follows:-

Risk Appetite v/s Risk Capacity v/s Risk Tolerance !!!

The investment choices that an individual makes should be aligned to their risk profiles. The risk profile defines how much risk that particular investor is willing and able to take. This will determine his asset allocation. Risk Appetite is the willingness of an investor to take risk. The asset class and investment options selected should … Continue reading Risk Appetite v/s Risk Capacity v/s Risk Tolerance !!!

Financial Life Cycle !!!

There are six stages: Young UnmarriedYoung MarriedMarried with young childrenMarried with older childrenPre-retirementRetirement

Fundamentals of Investing

Today we are going to talk about 3 fundamentals  of investing which can make you way richer than a friend of yours who earns same as you do, but does not invest the way you do. The 3 fundamentals are:        Start early             Invest regularly           Choose … Continue reading Fundamentals of Investing