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10 Most Favourite Large Cap Stocks of Mutual Funds

In this article, we are going to see the 10 Most Favourite Large Cap Stocks of Mutual Funds. Maximum numbers of mutual fund schemes have invested in them.

What is Systematic Withdrawal Plan

What is Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)

In Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), you regularly withdraw a fixed amount of money from your fund. Your fund’s value and number of units will reduce to the extent of each withdrawal. The amount to be withdrawn and the frequency— monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or annually—are set by the investor.

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How to Select a Mutual Fund?

To understand how to select a Mutual Fund can be a complicated task given the number of schemes in the market. Mutual funds vary in terms of their objectives, investment horizon, AUM, charges and past performances.

What is Treynor Ratio

What is Treynor Ratio?

The Treynor Ratio is also known as Rewards-to-Volatility Ratio. It is a performance metric to determine how much excess return is generated for each unit of the risk taken by a portfolio. In other word, it tries to measure how well an investment has compensated its investors at its given level of risk.

5 Most common Mutual Fund Myths: Busted

Mutual Funds are collective investment schemes that pool money from a large number of investors. The main myths about investment in mutual funds are as follows:-