Factors to Analyze While Selecting a Mutual Fund

An investor should analyze the following important factors of a mutual fund before selecting it:-

Features of Liquid Fund

Liquid Funds are open-ended debt mutual funds that primarily invest in short-term money market instruments with maturity up to 90 days. Given below are the features that liquid funds provide:-

Why Mutual Funds & Not Direct Stocks?

We get this question very frequently that why do we suggest to invest in Mutual Funds when we can easily buy few good stocks ourselves or imitate any good fund manager's portfolio and save the Mutual Fund costs. Answer is just one word - Time. If you have enough time to do stock research and … Continue reading Why Mutual Funds & Not Direct Stocks?

Reliance Tax Saver Fund !

Category : Tax Saving (Equity) AUM: Rs. 10,345 Crore Benchmark : S&P BSE 100 Portfolio: Large Cap Stocks : 58.3% Mid Cap Stocks : 25.5% Small Cap Stocks: 16.2% Top 5 Holdings:  Tata Steel (7.32%)SBI (7.16%)TVS Motors Company (6.87%)Tata Motors (6.02%)ABB (4%) Top 5 Sector Allocations: AutomobilesFinancial ServicesEngineeringConstructionServices

10 Most Important Factors to Analyse while selecting a Fund !

10 Most important factors to analyse while selecting a fund