What is Hydrogen and Natural Gas Blending | What are its Future Prospects & Challenges?

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NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) and Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) have signed an agreement to take a Pilot project on blending green hydrogen gas with Piped natural gas (PNG) to understand the future of using these gases together to get help in achieving carbon neutrality by 2070 and reduce the population. So, let’s discuss how this technology might work and what is its pros and challenges in this article as we move ahead.

Hydrogen and Natural Gas Blending:

  • Natural gas is considered clean fuel but its combustion realizes the carbon dioxide and methane which increase the pollution.
  • The blending of hydrogen with natural is similar to the petrol and ethanol blend, ethanol is produced in the sugar industry to make sugar.
  • When ethanol is blended with petrol then the performance of the petrol doesn’t get impacted much at the same time it helps in reducing the footprint of carbon. As the country imports petrol in large quantity so, the petrol requirement also gets reduced.
  • Similarly, when natural gas is blended with hydrogen which is pure clean gas will reduce the requirement of natural gas as it is mostly imported. And helps in reducing carbon emissions.
  • The main aim of this pilot project is to send this blended gas into CNG pumps, Industries, and households through a pipeline.
  • GAIL is also working on this project to understand the future of this blending process.
  • The government is stated to blend 15% green hydrogen with piped natural gas (PNG) for domestic, commercial, and industrial consumption.

Benefit: –

  • It will help in Carbon reduction from the environment.
  • Increase the efficiency of natural gas, as hydrogen has an 8 times high flaming feature than natural gas.


  • Hydrogen Embrittlement – It damages the pipe from which it goes through.
  • Hydrogen Leakages – as compared to natural gas it is more unstable so the chance of leakage is high.
  • Hydrogen Costing – It is very expensive to make hydrogen from the electrolyzer process.

What Should Individuals Do?

The blending of hydrogen and natural gas is very beneficial for the country as well as the environment but at the same time, it is very expensive because storage will become more sensitive and the production of hydrogen is also costly. Hence one needs to keep a close watch, on how all these things will work in near future and then only should take an investment decision in the companies working in this technology.

Disclaimer: The information here is provided for reference purposes only and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent are commendation to buy or sell stocks or MF.

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