Why We Need Financial Advisor Like Our Teachers?

Financial Advisor Like Our Teachers

Why We Need Financial Advisor Like Our Teachers?

Teachers’ Day Special Thought!! | 5th September


On the Teachers’ day, let us understand why we need a financial advisor like our school teachers. What qualities of a teacher our financial advisor should possess?

Why We Need Financial Advisor Like Our School Teachers?

Teachers’ Day

  • The tradition of celebrating Teachers’ Day started from 1962 and was started to honour Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an exemplary teacher who was former President of India.
  • Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a respected Academic before he got into politics. He was a Professor at many colleges and even represented the University of Calcutta at the Congress of the Universities of the British Empire and the International Congress of Philosophy at Harvard University.
  • After he was President of India, some old students and friends asked him to allow them to celebrate his birthday which he answered, “Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if September 5th is observed as Teachers’ Day.”
  • Ever since then his birthday has been celebrated as Teachers’ Day in India.

How Does a Financial Advisor Play a Role of a Teacher in Our Financial Decisions?

Why We Need Financial Advisor Like Our Teachers?
Why We Need Financial Advisor Like Our Teachers?

1. Teaches us Discipline

Just like our teachers taught us discipline, financial advisor should teach us financial discipline.

2. Says ‘No’ to Our Bad Habits/ Mistakes

Financial advisor should say ‘No’ to our bad investments or expenses, in the same way our teacher says ‘No’ to our bad habits or mistakes.

3. Makes Concept Simple

Like our Teacher makes concept simpler, Financial Advisor should explain every aspect of our investment. He should make financial concepts simple for us.

4. Listens to Our Concerns

Our teachers used to listen to our concerns through us or our parents. In the same way, financial advisor should listen to your concerns and give you the best solution or remedy.

5. Walk the Talk

Our school teachers follow what they preach. They are perfectionist. Like them is your financial advisor too following what he/she is preaching?

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