Nippon India Mutual Fund remains the leader in ETFs with a QAAUM of Rs. 44,800 Cr and highest liquidity in the industry | Nippon AMC Q2 FY22 Results Analysis

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Nippon AMC – Financial Highlights Q2 FY22

  • Total income for Q2 FY22 was Rs. 425 Cr, up 32%
  • Operating Profit increased from Rs.127.3 Cr in Q2 FY21 to Rs.185.6 Cr in Q2 FY22, up 46%
  • Profit After Tax increased from Rs. 145.3 Cr in Q2 FY21 to Rs. 213.7 Cr in Q2 FY22, up 47%

Nippon AMC – Business Highlights Q2 FY22

  • As on Sep-21, Assets Under Management of Nippon Life India Asset Management was Rs.400,831 Cr and mutual funds average AUM was Rs. 265,459 Cr
  • Overall AUM market share rose by 9 basis points to 7.33%
  • Following table shows how mucj individual assets,retail assets, beyond top 30 cities and individual AUM contributes to NIMF’s AUM
  • Digital purchase transactions rose by 55% in Sep quarter and digital channel contributed 53% to total new purchase transactions
  • As on Sep-21, NIMF has 1.3 Cr investor folios with an annualised SIP book of over Rs.7,800 Cr

Nippon AMC – Key takeaways from concall

  • Company has robust pipeline of 8 NFOs to strengthen both its active and passive offerings. 7 out them are passive which involves no commission payout
  • There is pressure on yields due to
  • Conscious cutting down of yields to compete in the market
  • Lower expense ratio in higher AUM slabs
  • Higher commision payout on NFOs

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